Atlantis Services provides planning guidance  training planning for your small to medium business

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Our Expertise

Customized Customer Support

Use our product(s) and you can customize what level of support you want. Fully managed where everything is as simple as an e-mail to our ticketing center.

Computer Design and Architecture

Take advantage of our expertise in rolling out a partial or complete infrastructure. Although many people think this is something that can be thrown together, it’s not.

Computer Security

Did you know that a misconfiguration on your firewall can be worse than no firewall? We know to configure them and make sure you’re secure. Our firewalls are used by many major operating systems and firewall vendors. We know to configure them and make sure you’re secure.

Emergency Disaster Recovery (EDR)

Backups are only one small part of an EDR plan. Yes, we can do backups to our offsite facility. Yes, we’re that fast. We’re also inexpensive.

Enhanced productivity through advanced communications

Voice over IP (VOIP) is what many ‘home phone’ users are getting bundled with their cable providers. We have a software system that do all of that for you at only a few hundreds per year and pennies per call anywhere in the world.

Networking done right

Networking is one of the easiest things…. to screw up. Whether it’s extending the wireless coverage in your building, increasing the throughput speed of your server backbone, we have it covered.


How much are you paying for applications? If you use an office suite, we have the covered. It’s 99% compatible with Microsoft Office.

File Services

How fast does your network respond to file demands? When you edit/click on a file, does it ‘pop’ up or are you losing time and productivity waiting? What’s causing that problem? The file server? The network?
Who knows? We do.