The Atlantis Services Appliance Product (ASAP)

Atlantis Services Solutions Architects realized that there is a lot of waste these days. There is wasted electric power running machines that serve only one purpose and are idle most of the time. There are overpowered machines that greedy vendors sold to companies saying ‘they’d grow into it’. There’s a company’s in-house people ‘who know hardware’ and ‘know what to buy’ but just ask their friends who are gamers. There are company’s that have been sold various types of heavy virtualization software where each machine requires a minimum of a dedicated CPU core, dedicated memory and dedicated disk space to run.
Now, throw all the waste away and enter a new efficient platform and do it… ASAP.
ASAP was designed, implemented and tested to do away with the waste and grow with your company. We don’t sell hardware, we sell solutions.
To that end, we created ASAP as an ultimate solution to grow with your company. It’s a specially designed implementation of an operating system to be able to handle all the layered ASAP products…. on one machine!!!
And, yes, you can use an existing machine from your own machine room.
Here are the requirements:

  • Able to support at least two multi-core processors (only one is necessary)
  • Able to support at least 16 GB of RAM (if growth is expected, open memory slots)
  • Able to support at least 2 – 1Gb interfaces
  • Able to support BMC (Baseboard Motherboard Control) which allows remote power cycling of the machine
  • Must have IPMI. (Intelligent Platform Monitoring Interface)
  • Must have dual, redundant power supplies
  • Must have SAS type internal disks. At least 2 must be identical in size for the operating system itself.

Now, our type of virtualization uses NO dedicated resources. That’s right. CPUs are so fast right now, even if you had a virtual machine as a lightly used web server running, that’s a core you can’t use for anything else. Our system can be running all 20+ of our products and run it on a single six core machine with 16 GB of RAM and 2 – 3 TB SAS drives…. How do we know that? Atlantis Services ‘eats it’s own dogfood’. In other words, our internal server runs all of them and we use them in daily operations.
If you’re paying for more and more hardware to ‘solve’ problems, that’s probably hardware you don’t need. It’s probably electricity that’s being wasted. Do you have a ‘questionable’ system administrator on staff that you’re paying $50-100K? Why not pay for the experience of high-end personnel taking care of your environment on a state-of-the-art architecture that can grow with your company for approximately 75% of that salary and benefits? (This number varies on the number of machines under control, licenses, etc)
What about growth? Here’s another neat thing about ASAP…. it’s modular. The virtual machines can be split off to another server. If we find that your mail server and database server are overloaded, we’ll use a logical criteria to move one of them and, potentially, half of the other products to another machine with little or no interruption of service.
Advanced, efficient, cost-effective, modular, scalable…. You need it…ASAP