Atlantis Advisors

Contracting / Consulting / Professional Services

Atlantis Advisors offers a high-end professional services consultation.

Most businesses never get a proper survey done on their technological infrastructure, believing, as many do, that the people installing products and information, should and will know exactly what you have and need.  Atlantis Advisors have spent over 200 years combined working with infrastructure from Financial Institutions, to Ivy League Universities, and Leading Tech Companies.  In evaluating your infrastructure, they can pinpoint every problem you’re having, and every possible problem that can arise during the future, and present you with a clear report on the proper steps to take to insure everything is fixed.

  • We evaluate your site, taking detailed note of all servers, back-ups, and all security both present and absent.
  • We detect all problems, current and future, that have and can arise through your current infrastructure..
  • We present you with a detailed report of all said problems, along with actionable solutions, so you can decide to outsource, or fix it yourself.
  • The General Service Fee for Atlantis Advisors is $500.

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