Atlantis Archive

Backup / Archive the central file servers of a client site to the backup service provided by Atlantis.

All clients receive their first 100 GB as part of the $25 per month cost of the service. Each additional 100 GB of information is $3 per month. It should be noted that, due to there being many revisions of documents and e-mails, typical storage requirements are always larger than the amount of existing storage online.

For example, if there were 100 GB of static information online at a site, and 200 GB of 25% monthly changed information at a site, there would be:
100 GB static
200 GB pseudo static
50 GB of changed second month
50 GB of changed third month
50 GB of changed fourth month
This would result in 450 GB of online backups.
The client would still only see 300 GB of used storage.
In the first year: 300 GB + (11 months * 50 GB) = 850 GB.
The size for this after the 12th month, would be 850 – 100 = 750 GB.
The price would be 8 – 100 GB increments plus the initial service of $25.
Total price would be $24 + $25 per month.