Atlantis Communicator

Enhance your productivity with a chat services

Have you ever seen an unknown caller from inside pop-up on your phone and you’re talking to another internal person about something of medium priority? How were you supposed to know it was the CEO who wanted you in the conference room immediately?

Look at all the support people you have on the phone daily? As your installed base increases, so do those calls. Isn’t there a way to multitask? Atlantis Communicator makes it easier to get a hold of people and allows your people to multitask with both internal personnel and with your customers.

Also, a chat server makes people write terse, succinct messages, communication goes efficiently and effectively. Have you ever been on a phone call with someone and have someone with something critical interrupt? Yes, there goes the whole train of thought, a bit of frustration with the interruption and productivity heads towards the floor.

Chat servers can have dedicated ‘chat rooms’. Everyone from the operations department can be logged into ‘Operations Critical’ and the Director of Operations can get a quick answer from someone in ‘operations’ who can jump on it and remove the road block.

Don’t want to book a conference room or there isn’t one large enough or you have a global operations department? ‘Operations Daily Meeting’ can be another chat room. Now, there’s no reason for people to be milling around, spending time walking across a campus, a building or going between floors. Wherever there’s connectivity and a chat client, they can login be part of the meeting/discussion.