Atlantis Continuity

Data Center Business Continuance

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a temporary outage due to weather, power, or some other short-term issue? There’s natural disasters and weather and we’re never sure if there’s going to be flooding, ice, snow, heat causing brown outs, or something worse. Wouldn’t it be great for your company to continue working with some level of productivity? How about the ability to switch over to a remote data center presence that’s generator and battery backed up?

You use the ‘cloud’ already? This is not the cloud. Atlantis Services has never recommended a cloud service. There are many things that people don’t realize about ‘cloud’ providers but use them because ‘company X is on it so we went with it’? Did you read the fine print in that ‘cloud’ contract? Many times, there’s no backup of your data, there’s no guarantee of availability, there’s data mining being done on your ‘data’ by the provider and there’s no guarantee of security. Recent exploits of ‘cloud’ providers should be in your decisions, especially if you have ‘sensitive’ client information, Intellectual Property, and other information that you absolutely can’t have anyone EVER getting to see or use.

Atlantis Continuity. It’s not for everyone, but if your company outage is going to cost you a large sum of money for a day, this is the product that can keep that from happening.

Here’s a scenario: You live in an area that receives severe weather (snow belt, tornado belt, etc). No one is going to make it into work that day as it’s inaccessible. You notify Atlantis and we throw a virtual switch and all the employees are working on the servers in a remote data center from home. Once the main office accessibility is restored, the switch is thrown back and the modified data is copied back.

Pricing for this is roughly double what it would be for all servers that the customer has being maintained by Atlantis. Effectively, the remote site has to have all the necessary storage and communication to be able to handle the switch over and also the cost of the data center monthly expense that can vary greatly depending on the number of resources that must be placed in the data center.

We can work up a quote for you but the simplest index is to replicate you server room machines and add on the data center that you want to be in, monthly charge to maintain function equivalent servers. (Note: many people use their ‘last generation’ machines that they were going to throw away, this makes use of of them. Although the speed and access may be slower, it is for a short-term solution.)