Atlantis Control

Version control system for your documents, web pages, and source code.

Do you have a documentation system or is it “I’ll just bring up my old document and modify it”? Have you ever noticed that you sent out the wrong version after the fact? But you just modified it last night and all that was left was to print it in the morning. Who could have changed it? Did it turn out that someone in between needed a copy of it, too, and saved out their modifications to your ‘template/document’?

How many templates are there all over your company that people need and no one even knows exists as people have them all over their local machines?

Or, are does your company produce software either for internal use or as product? Does the same thing happen? You know you made the change, but someone with permissions went and changed it and there’s a bug now? Who do you talk to about it to find out what was done and why? No idea. So, you ‘fix’ it…. two days later, the bug is back… and you’re falling behind on your deadline due to all the lost time. Now, you have to track the person doing this down… (Surprise, on the past Friday, he went on two weeks vacation)…. a day or two later, you’ve talked to everyone and they are all denying it.

Enter Atlantis Control: our product based on a popular open source version control system. Dedicated repositories are setup for specific projects. The project could be company letter templates. The project could be source code for a project. However, no one can make changes without checking out the repository version, making their changes and checking them back into the repository with their name, reason for the change (ticket #, bug tracking #, etc) and who authorized the change.

No more stepping on each other. It’s the proper, structured way that companies keep productivity high.