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A world class relational database, fast, scalable, free, that is also object oriented.

Many relational databases are widely known. Oracle, IBM’s DB2, Microsoft’s SQL Server are the well-known commercial ones. On the free/open side of the house, MySQL, SQLite and PostGreSQL. Many of these have been around for years and replaced the older, traditional, hierarchical databases.

The latest trend in the database industry is the rebirth object-oriented databases. These are less structured databases that are looking more at speed than integrity and specific object types that vary little. Many of these have popped up recently. Their names are MongoDB, CouchDB, etc. They are of the database types known as NoSQL due to them not being of standard table-space oriented type databases.

OK, so we’ve all heard of them and we all know that you need different types for different data…. or do you? Enter PostGreSQL from the University of California at Berkeley. This database was primarily a relational database. It’s free, it’s fast and it scales. It can be clustered both locally and remotely.

So, now comes the question: what type of object-oriented database should you get? PostGreSQL. Yes, as of version 9.4, PostGreSQL is a hybrid database capable of co-mingling the two types of data. Not only is it a hybrid, benchmarks have shown it’s NoSQL(object-oriented) aspect to actually be 2-3 times faster than MongoDB.

NoSQL Performance Information

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