Atlantis Differential

Our maintenance contracts for our products

  • Required maintenance contracts for our products
  • Our remote maintenance differentiates us from all others and is charged on a $25 per machine per product basis per month.

Don’t be taken in by by the big firms who charge you ‘hardware/software maintenance’ contracts that can be up to 30% or more to get upgrades and patches to their products. As an example, lets look at a $25,000 piece of software that you purchase. Either on your invoice for it or on the first year anniversary, you see another line item for $6250 for “maintenance” What is that? It’s that company gouging your budget for recurring revenue so you can get patches and features to their product. Do you need these features? Maybe. Do you need patches for their software if it’s broken or has a security hole? Definitely. However, why are they charging you for their mistake? Who does the install? Is the person qualified? What happens if something goes wrong?

Atlantis doesn’t play the numbers game. We’re here to be your partner. IF there’s a security patch, you’ll see it that day. If there’s an upgrade, we’ll let you know before we upgrade you and when it’s done. You’ll have an expert performing the upgrade, not someone’s Uncle Billy who ‘always wanted to get into computers’.

With Atlantis, the machine is updated by Atlantis Services, remotely. Each time a new maintenance release comes out, the machine will be updated to the latest, improved version within a reasonable amount of time, typically, semi-annually. All machines under maintenance are upgraded/maintained. Atlantis will not provide services to other vendor equipment without a complete evaluation and signed maintenance agreement. (In most cases, we WON’T)

Just remember, our maintenance for our products, is reasonable. We may charge 25%, but it’s 25% of next to nothing and it can be paid monthly, annually, etc. We’re flexible. Think about that $25,000 product…. If you own it for 4 years, you pay $50,000 for all those licenses, all that maintenance, etc. We don’t. As an example, our mail server includes sending, receiving, layered software to prevent SPAM, malware, viruses, etc. On an annual basis, no matter how many users, it’s just $25 per machine per month. (Please note: ‘per machine’ is relevant as we offer redundant clusters of machines that all require maintenance.)