Atlantis Disaster Defense

Offsite Business Continuance

Ever have one of those business outages due to weather, power, or some other issue? Wouldn’t it be great for your company to continue working, even at half the productivity? How about the ability to switch over to a remote office presence in a location of your choosing?

As part of an EDR (Emergency Disaster Recovery) Plan, Disaster Defense can get you up and running in another office space that you have where everything is replicated. The mindset surrounding this is that a disaster has occurred. The unforeseen that has wiped out your main building and for security reasons your data is not allowed in a data center to be accessed remotely. In other words, you need a certain critical crew in a location coordinating productivity and projects of people that can’t get there or are working remotely.

All your data is there and your company continues to function while you look for a new location to restart the ‘brick and mortar’ office space.

EDR should be a part of your business plan if you can’t use Atlantis Continuity..