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Mail Services. Sending and receiving e-mail made easy, painless and FAST!!!

Sending an e-mail in today’s technology environment is fairly simple. Being able to has been around since the early 1970s. However, what it’s become is a sinkhole to productivity. From where? Well, it’s not the ones that enhancement productivity, it’s the ones that don’t.

Atlantis Services has seen what’s happened over the last 20 years due to insecurity in the mail system and servers that e-mail passes through.

Atlantis Services knows you’ve seen it, too. There’s several kinds of problematic e-mail: SPAM, malware, spyware, virus to name the most common.

Let’s look at them:

SPAM – This is just the nuisance mail. This is a Nigerian Prince who is going to give you $100,000 for every $10,000 wire transfer to him. This is scam spam mail. Most of us know this isn’t real, but the time lost when this ends up in our in box to open it, read it and send it to trash can be a minute or two. Now, multiply that by the number of employees, numerous instances, etc. It’s costly.

Malware – This is more of a problem. This does something that could be as simple as making your machine reboot to wiping out it’s hard drive. Everyone knows how much fun that is. Also, it could be time bombed. Nothing may happen right away but in 1 or 2 months, you machine is “doing strange things”

Spyware – This is the quiet little problem that is not doing anything in an obvious way. However, it has infected your machine, it’s sending all your contact information or web browsing history and awaits for you to get to a site to copy your username and password.

Viruses – All shapes, all sizes, all sorts of problems. They may do everything above or have their own little devious plan. Insecure operating systems have well-known exploits that never seem to be properly patched or when patched open up another hole. It’s not their fault that they don’t want to re-write their product from the ground up and keep their user base happy… hey, this is expensive stuff.

Yes, it’s expensive stuff. What happens at home when you get a virus? You have to go to the local shop and spend between $100-$200 to get ‘disinfected’. Atlantis thinks that’s crazy. What happens at work when something gets into the network? Now, you have 10? 100? 1000? machines infected. How much is that going to cost?

With Atlantis, our machines are highly secure against these types of intrusions.

Don’t your friends and/or business relationships just get better when you send them a problematic e-mail and it destroys them? If they’ve got a good IT department, they’ll know who sent it… probably after the fact… but they will know.

Let’s look at Atlantis Messages.

A layered sending/receiving e-mail product that has various protections against problematic e-mails meant to stop the spread of them before they get to your desktop. Also, if someone in your company puts in a USB key or CDROM that’s unknowingly infected, and it tries to spread itself to the outside world, it’s not getting out.

Imagine how much time, effort, energy and reputation from your peers you’ll get by using the Atlantis Messages E-mail gateway system.