Atlantis SecureConnect

A virtual private network (VPN) for your company

First, what is a VPN? A VPN is way of remotely accessing your company’s internal network, securely. It allows a machine in your network which is the VPN server, to allow ONLY those client machines (laptops, home desktops of employees), to access your internal network.

For example, you’re working on your presentation for the next day’s meeting, a small family emergency arises and you have to depart. Ooops, you forgot your laptop. However, your home desktop is a VPN client. You get home and finish and that presentation and don’t have to make excuses during that presentation as to why it’s not complete.

Atlantis Services supports OpenVPN, the open standard of VPNs. It’s fast, robust, stable, and secure when properly installed by Atlantis Services. We have employees on the road doing sales and installs and the boss wants it in the ticketing system for time worked and status and to be able to look at the status on the network when he gets in the office…(Shhh… the boss is actually at home on a VPN as well… )

Secure, remote access made simple.