Atlantis Slate

Thin Client/Desktop machines with little chance of failure.

Atlantis Services gives you Atlantis (Clean) Slate.

Atlantis Services uses the client/server model of computing. This model means that your existing desktops, given that they have adequate resources can be converted to a solid, stateless device for computing.

How does this benefit you? All the information is kept on the file server. Your data, your account, shared resources, etc are all on the Atlantis Filer. It gets sent over the network to get its operating system and windowing system and takes about 5 minutes to boot up and have you login. What’s good about that? You can login anywhere, on any terminal on your network and you’ll see your environment.

All the information that’s on your hard drive is lost because it died? This can’t happen as Atlantis Slate has no hard disk drive. Your account/directory is mounted over the network. How do you back it up? Atlantis Archive only has to back up the Atlantis Filer, simplifying backups, costs, and system complexity.

How is this cost effective? Most hard drives are only guaranteed 2-3 years for desktops. Running an inferior operating system that requires more and more RAM (memory) and hard drive space and a faster CPU. A machine specified for Atlantis Slate will run for over 6 years or more. You aren’t going to lose vital information if the local hard drive dies. Slate requires a Gb (gigabit)/sec interface, 8 GB of RAM and a fast CPU (processor – something less than 5 years old)

All information is kept on a server so it is centralized and available on any machine that a person may log onto. The cost to maintain a OS image per machine is $15 per month per machine.