Atlantis World

The well-known Apache Web server and Atlantis Advisor services

In today’s world, you need a web presence. You’re looking at ours right now. Atlantis Services has people on staff that have been around since the first web server and browser, Mosaic, entered the world stage.

We can help you create and polish your web presence, make it secure, fast, and not like everyone else’s cookie cutter content from all those people who give you some number of predefined templates. Let us assist your creativity and give you a web presence that conveys what you do in a clear and concise manner. Release the passion of how you feel about your company.

We start off with the latest version of the web dominant Apache web server. It has over 58+% of the market compared to the second and third place users Nginx(22+%) and MS IIS (13+%). It has proven, modular, scalable and Atlantis Services will always keep your system updated with the latest version.

And, yes, Atlantis Services did it’s own web presence and we think it’s pretty sharp, makes a statement of who we are, and keeps it simple to get the message across.